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Cloud Recycling Software Announced

ACS announces the release of our cloud-based recycling application.  The software was written primarily for the needs of the metal recycling industry, but functions well for other industries as well.  The software eliminates much of the paperwork and record-keeping headaches by storing the information electronically for easy recall.

For industries that require keeping a copy of the driver license or a picture of the peddler, the software allows scanning of the peddler's ID into the system.  Once in the system the information can be recalled the next time the person comes in, as long as they haven't renewed their ID/Driver's License. A friendly name search feature makes recalling a repeat peddler quick and efficient. 

Pictures of the material can be taken with a webcam or cell phone / camera and uploaded for permanent storage on the server, tied to the individual transactions.  Instant recall of an individual and all transactions is built into the system as well, for easy compliance reporting.


Not only is this an efficient record-keeping system, it actually speeds up the entire process. In addition to eliminating the need to keep photo-copies of driver's licenses or other certifications, the software can generate a three-part check, with the receipt in the middle slot and an affidavit of ownership of the material on the bottom.  The person signs the bottom slot, which the buyer keeps, and the seller is on

their way!  If necessary, the check can be scanned and stored with the transaction as well!

The system can also automatically generate an image of the check, eliminating the need for a post-print scan of the check where the law allows.

New sign-ups get a two week free trial, but we'd ask you to view the demo and read the get-started guide to become familiar with how the system functions. Just visit www.recyclerapps.com for more information!