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Data Recovery

Studies show that a vast majority of businesses that lose data fail within the following two years. Worse yet, those numbers increase as each additional month passes after that.  Customer lists, accounts receivable data, emails, contracts, and wide variety of other information resides on failure-prone hard drives and could disappear with a simple power spike, spilled liquid, or just plain-old mechanical failure.

Studies show overall hard drive failure rate failure of 2-4 percent.  In some environments that number jumps as high as 13%. In many cases the data isn't always recoverable, or the cost of recovery exceeds the capacity of the business to absorb. ACS offers data recovery services in the event of a catastrophic failure of a computer or  hard drive, but we recommend (and can provide) a reliable backup plan.


Why are backups important if data can usually be recovered? Well, what happens if there is a break-in, your computers are stolen, and there's not even a hard drive to attempt to recover the data from? Perhaps a fire that damages the equipment beyond the ability to recover the data form it? More importantly, data recovery is a time consuming and, therefore, expensive prospect.  Restoring from a backup is more reliable, less time consuming, and less costly.

So, before you need to hire us to recover your lost data, hire us to help you setup a reliable backup process that may cost a little now but could save you a lot later.