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Virus Protection Matters

Remember: if you feel uncomfortable performing these tasks, ACS can provide these services for you.

Computers are vulnerable to viruses whether on the Internet or not! The biggest hazard to a computer (especially those on the internet) is the lack of Anti-Virus software on it or, even worse, out-of-date AV software. It’s amazing how often we find computers with out-of-date Anti-Virus software, giving users a false sense of security. Anti-Virus software requires regular updates of “virus signatures” so it can identify and block new viruses. Computer owners, because they see the little McAfee or Norton icon, often believe they are safe while they are almost as unprotected as someone with no AV software installed at all.

Check your AV software to ensure the virus definitions are current. If the definitions are more than a week old, perform an update.  If the software has expired, renew it.  If you don’t have any AV software, get some.

There are free packages: PC Tools Antivirus, AVG, Avast, Avira, Comodo and others all have great features (and some weaknesses).  They all have the virtue of being free and they do offer good protection. Here's our preferred downloads.

We can also install and configure AV software, scan the system for existing viruses, and eradicate them if necessary. Fee free to contact us if you are interested in ACS providing these services for you.